By entering “Scores”, you can see the points awarded to entries that have already been judged, as well as define (as the administrator) the entries that will advance to other rounds.

You will be directed to this screen:

The resulting list displays the entry or judging code (“Id”), the style and award category (“Style”), the panel that has judged or will judge the entry along with the judging session in parentheses (“Panel”), the rounds that this entry has gone through during judging (“Rounds”), its position (“Position”), and its score (“Score”).

You should note that, in case an entry has not been judged yet, the score will be shown as “-“. In case it is judged with tasting notes rather than scoresheets (meaning that awarding points is not a requirement), information in that column will be shown as “Yes” or “No”, depending on whether the entry advances or not to the next round.

By clicking on this icon, different filters can be applied:

  • Categories: You can filter by the different award categories.
  • Advancing: Filters the entries that have advanced to other rounds.
  • Mid round: Filters the entries that have advanced to a Mid round.
  • B.O.S.: Filters the entries that advanced to the B.O.S.
  • Minimum Score: Filters the entries with a minimum score set by the administrator.
  • Lowest position at Mini B.O.S.: Filters entries that had at least that minimum position in the Mini B.O.S..
  • Judge: Filters the entries by judge.

  • Session: Allows you to filter by session. Once the session is selected, entries can also be filtered by panel.

  • Tags: Allows you to filter by tags.
  • Extra Fields: If you have configured additional fields in the Settings => Registration menu, you can filter entries based on those extra fields.

The magnifying glass icon on the upper right also serves as a search engine for the list of entries:

The list can also be ordered from lowest to highest or vice versa according to the different columns displayed. For example, in this case, it was first filtered by category and the order was sorted by score from highest to lowest:

Should an entry advance to the next round, the administrator must click on “Advancing” in the “Position” column to confirm that condition:

Once the Mini B.O.S. is completed (see section Judging => Mini B.O.S / B.O.S.), the positions established by the judges will automatically be displayed in Scores:

In case you decide to advance an entry to the B.O.S., the administrator must select the option “B.O.S.”. It is important to mention that winning the mini B.O.S. is not a requirement for a sample to access the B.O.S.. It is also worth noting that, in case the organizer decides to award medals directly by the score obtained in the first round, they will have to carry out this same procedure in order to publish the results, regardless of the fact that no mini B.O.S. or B.O.S. rounds took place.

As previously mentioned, once the B.O.S. round is completed, the positions reached by participating entries will automatically be displayed here:

Another important tool can be accessed by clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to each entry code. Additional information will be provided on that entry if you do so:

If you click on “Go to entry”, you can edit the entry data in the same way as if you did it via Administration => Entries.

If you click on the entry code, you can observe the scoresheets filled out by the judges in case the entry has been judged already, as well as the consensus score:

If you click on the three vertical dots besides the scores awarded by each judge, you can see the individual scoresheet of that judge in ful, or, if necessary, delete it.

If you click on “Reset” under the consensus score, the administrator can edit the entry score (the range is only between the minimum and the maximum scores given by judges of the panel). The individual scores of the judges cannot be modified.

You can also upload a scanned scoresheet or an award diploma by clicking on “Upload file”. Remember that a massive importing can be done in the Administration => Import/Export data menu (see

The pencil icon allows you to edit the file’s name, the arrow icon allows you to download it and the trash can icon deletes the file.

At the bottom of the screen you may see how far the sample advanced through the competition.

The administrator can assign the score in cases that the entry is being judged with printed scoresheets. Just access the entry through the Scores menu, then type the score and save. Don’t forget to upload the scanned scoresheet as explained above. It will also be displayed as a judged entry in the Judging => Cellar View menu.

You can also track an entry (either with registration ID or judging ID) using the search engine that says “Search entry” that appears on the upper right. This field is available at all times, in all different menus:

The entire history of the entry will be shown, from the moment of its registration, reception, judgment and awards won, if applicable:

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