Mini B.O.S / B.O.S. (Administrator)

Clicking on the “Mini B.O.S / B.O.S.” menu, you can access the Mini B.O.S or the B.O.S. section of the menu.

Notice that the entries competing in these instances must have been selected as "Advancing" for said rounds. This can be done by the head judge during judging or by the administrator from the Judging => Scores menu. From there, the administrator can select the entries that will advance to the Mini B.O.S. or B.O.S. as appropriate. This process is as follows:

Once the entries for the Mini B.O.S. or for the B.O.S. have been selected and having entered Judging => Mini B.O.S / B.O.S., you will then access a screen similar to the one below:

To conduct the Mini B.O.S. or B.O.S., ensure that the panels designated for these rounds are configured accordingly. This can be done by navigating to Administration => Judging Sessions and selecting the panel, then setting the desired round type.

The head judge of the Mini B.O.S. or B.O.S. can then rank entries by dragging them from the center column to the right column, or eliminate them by dragging the entry cards to the left column. In this instance, only the head judge needs to use an electronic device (computer, cellphone, tablet). It is important to note that the number of award positions is defined in Settings => Judging Options by the Administrator. Notes on each entry can be written by clicking on “Add notes”, and information about the style being judged can be accessed by clicking on “Guidelines”.

Once the head judge finishes placing entries in the desired podium positions, he/she must click on "Finish" to define the mini B.O.S.

And then he/she must confirm the final positions, as seen in the following example.

As an administrator, you can navigate between the different Mini B.O.S. or B.O.S. sessions by clicking on the drop-down menu:

The head judge’s interface and navigation are slightly different when judging in one of these rounds. Please refer to the images below for details. For more information, visit

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