Mini B.O.S. / B.O.S. (Judge)

In the case of mid-rounds, Mini B.O.S., or B.O.S., once the administrator has enabled and configured the panel to judge those rounds, the head judge must click on the corresponding option in their main menu for that competition to begin that round. For instance, for a Mini B.O.S.:

It is worth mentioning that in the case of a small award category assigned to only a single panel, after judging the last entry, the head judge will have the option to directly set the award positions (mini B.O.S.).

In both cases, the head judge then accesses a screen where all the entries selected for the Mini B.O.S., Mid Round, or B.O.S. (as applicable) will be displayed in the central column. By dragging and dropping, the head judge can:

  • Move the entries to the right to mark them as qualified (for Mid Rounds) or set the ranking (for Mini B.O.S. or B.O.S.).
  • Move the entries to the left if they want to discard them.

By clicking on “Add notes”, judges can add comments about the evaluation of each entry in that round. Once judging is finished, the head judge can click on the “Finish” button. After confirming the results, the round is concluded, and the user is returned to the main menu of the competition.

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