By accessing the “Submissions” option on Settings, you can set configurations regarding registrations’ price, discounts offered to participants, drop-off dates, among others.


You will be directed to this screen:


Fields to be completed:

  • Prices:

    • Registration Price: Cost of the registration.
    • Currency: Currency of the registration.
  • Discounts:

    • By selecting Add you can add a discount. You must indicate the minimum of samples for the discount (From) to the maximum (To; if there is no upper limit, nothing needs to be completed), and the value will be calculated in units of the currency chosen for the competition.

      For example, if the registration cost is USD150 and there is a 20% discount from the 4th sample on (that is, USD 30 discount), it should be configured as follows:


      It should be noted that after clicking on Add and introducing the discount, a simulation of the registration values based on the quantity of samples will be shown below it.


      It is possible to create more than one discount.

  • Submission Window:

    • Start: Starting date and hour for registration.
    • End: Ending date and hour for registration.
  • Drop-off/mail-in window:

    • Start: Starting date and hour for dropping-off entries.
    • End: Ending date and hour for dropping-off entries.
  • Limits:

    • Maximum entries per participant: Maximum number of entries per participant.

    • Maximum entries per competition: Total entries in a competition (useful if the organizer wants to have control of the total limit of entries). This number is 15 in free competitions.

    • Maximum entries per style: Maximum number of entries per style (i.e. American IPA).

    • Per entrant style limit: Maximum number of entries an entrant can submit in one style.

    • Number of bottles: Number of bottles that the participant must present per registration. This value will be used to define the number of registration labels that the participant will print.

    • Edit entries deadline: Closing date for the participant to edit the entries. If this date is informed, it must be after the registration deadline.

      In the following example:


      Each participant can submit up to a maximum of 8 entries. The competition will receive a maximum of 800 total entries based on its logistics capacity. Each style will have a maximum of 50 entries, and participants can submit up to a maximum of 2 entries per style. The participant must present 6 bottles for each registration made, which may be modified up to 11:59 p.m. on 02/16/2022.

  • Shipping/Drop-off instructions: Instructions for sending and delivering the entries can be presented here.


  • Extra Fields: Although BAP generates a registration form with basic information for the participant and the entries, it is possible to add customized fields. Below is an image of what the brewer views when they register their entries, and then the details of the additional fields that can be created from the administrator’s point of view.



  • Entry: Additional fields that the participant can complete regarding the entry.

  • Participants: Additional fields that the participant can complete regarding himself.

    Both in the case of the entry and the participant, when clicking on Add the following options appear:


    • Field name: Concept to be filled by the participant. For example, it could be the place of origin (the Field id is completed when filling in the Field name).
    • Type: Define if the field to fill in is a text, a number, a date, a Yes/No answer or a drag option. In this example, it would be text.
    • Required: If this option is activated, the applicant will be obliged to complete it when registering.

Once the Submissions setting is finished, click on Save.