Which type of scoresheets does BAP offer?

BAP offers six types of scoresheets for beer, two for mead and two for cider.

The options for beer are:

  • AHA/BJCP® Beer Scoresheet - Structured Version: The most detailed out of the six. You can write comments for each sensory aspect. Individual scores for aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel and overall impression are assigned, as well a global score. It is mainly used for homebrew competitions.

  • BAP Scoresheet: Although it requires scores for each sensory component, it has fewer fields for judges to complete with the aim of reducing judging time in comparison with the AHA/BJCP® Beer Scoresheet. Recommended for professional competitions and for amateur events put together by more experienced homebrew clubs or associations.

  • BAP Tasting Notes (no scores): It promotes debate around sensory aspects, not score adjustment. Judges debate and select the best beers to advance to the next rounds and don’t have to assign scores to the different aspects.

  • BAP Express Scoresheet: A fast and very summarized sheet with score assignment. Due to its versatility, it can also be used to judge mead and cider.

  • BOCBA Entry Tasting Notes: Another summarized sheet with no scoring required, used in the Best Of Craft Beer Awards in the US. Ideal for competitions that judge entries in flights.

  • PSPD Scoresheet: A summarized sheet with score assignment, used in competitions promoted by Poland’s Homebrewers Association.

The scoresheets currently available for mead are the BAP Express Scoresheet (explained above) and the AHA/BJCP® Mead Scoresheet - Structured Version, which is presented below:

The options for cider are the BAP Express Scoresheet (explained before) and the AHA/BJCP® Cider Scoresheet - Structured Version (shown below):

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