Personal Scoresheets

On the entry page of the BAP app (, once logged in, users can access the "My Personal Scoresheets" option, which allows them to judge beers outside of a competition. To begin judging a new beer, simply click on the New Personal Evaluation button

You then access this screen:

  • Judging title: Create a title for the evaluation.
  • Style: Choose a style to judge this beer from the existing Style Guidelines available at BAP.
  • Allow other participants to evaluate this beer (this will generate a public link): If you check this box, a shareable link will be generated so other users can access the evaluation. You can copy the link and send it to other potential participants.
  • Cover image: You can add a cover image to this evaluation by clicking "Add" and uploading a file.

As an example:

When you click Evaluate, you will access the score sheet:

After completing the evaluation, you can view your own summary and those of participants invited to judge (in addition to your complete score sheet by scrolling down):

If you click on Share, you can share your score sheet with all participants ("Share my scoresheet with all participants"), generate a link to share your scoresheet with external people ("Generate a link to share my scoresheet to external people") or invite other participants to evaluate ("Invite other participants to evaluate").

For example, if one user shares their scoresheet with another user, the second user can access the first user's scoresheet by clicking on the eye icon:

The personal score sheets, once saved, are then available for access in the initial page of the BAP app once a user logs in.

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