Calibration Round

After the administrator enables the judging session, a calibration round can be initiated (if the organization chooses to activate this option) by clicking on "Calibration round".

By clicking on “Judge”, you can begin evaluating the calibration entry.

The description of the style being evaluated will be displayed in the left column. In the lower horizontal bar, you can visualize each aspect to be evaluated: aroma, appearance, flavor, mouthfeel, flaws, and overall impression. Once the descriptive fields and scores are completed, the evaluation is recorded, and an analysis of the calibration between all judges can be viewed.

The analysis compares your scores with those of other judges, highlighting the most common flaws (presented in a “word cloud” format), judges who evaluated entries similarly to you and those with divergent evaluations, and the total number of judges who completed the evaluation. Clicking on “Scoresheet” allows you to review your scoresheet, while clicking “Go back” returns you to the judge's main menu for the competition.

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