Queue Judging

Once the judging session has started in a Queued format (where one entry is judged at a time), you can enter the entry ID provided by the steward into the ID box within the “Judge Sample” section. The style and award category of that entry will then be displayed. By clicking on “Judge”, you can proceed to evaluate the entry. In this example, the AHA/BJCP® Beer Scoresheet - Structured Version is being used, but the process remains the same for any other available scoresheets.

After the entry's evaluation is completed, the head judge of the panel can view a summary of how the other judges at their table evaluated the entry. Judges who are still in the process of judging will be visualized as “Pending”.

From the perspective of other judges, they will see a screen similar to the following one until a consensus is reached:

You can edit your own scoresheet by clicking on the pencil icon. However, only the head judge can view the scoresheets of other judges by clicking on the eye icon. Other judges can only edit their own scoresheets and cannot view the scoresheets of their peers, as shown in the following screenshot:

After all judges have completed their judging, the consensus score is displayed. By default, the platform suggests the average score, but the head judge has the authority to modify it if necessary.

After the head judge accepts the consensus score by clicking on the “Agree” button, they can proceed to evaluate the next entry. Additionally, the head judge has the option to advance to the next round when appropriate by selecting the corresponding prompt ('“Advance to the next round?”).

As mentioned previously, the head judge can adjust the consensus score by double-clicking on it. This modification is only possible within the limits defined by the maximum and minimum scores provided by the rest of the judging panel for that entry:

On your dashboard, you can view the list of all the entries to be judged by that panel (if the administrator chooses to enable this option). You can judge by clicking directly on an entry from the list.

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