Flight Judging

If the evaluation format is by Flights, you can enter the ID of any of the entries in that flight, which should be provided by your steward, in the ID box within the “Judge Sample” section. Then, the list of all the entries included in that flight will appear, along with their styles and corresponding award categories. By clicking on “Judge,” you can evaluate all entries from the flight.

The description of the style of the entry being evaluated will be displayed in the left column. In the lower horizontal bar, you will be able to see the ID of each of the beers that constitute the flight. Unlike the monadic form of evaluation, in this case, the entire scoresheet of an individual entry will be shown on the same screen.

Once the flight's evaluation is completed, the scores of the judges at the panel are compared. If there is a difference between scores greater than the limit set by the administrator, the judges will need to adjust their scores so that the difference is within the established limit. It will not be possible to proceed until this discrepancy is resolved.

To address this, click on the entry with discrepancies, and the judges' evaluation summary will be displayed. Click on the pencil icon, then select the "Edit" button, and make the necessary modifications.

The head judge will then be able to select the entries that advance to the next round by clicking on “Advancing”. The rest of the judges will not have access to this option. The second screenshot provides an example of what they will see on their screen after the consensus has been reached.

It is possible to modify entries that already had agreed-upon scores before closing the flight. To do this, click on the entry that requires a score adjustment, access the eye icon, and then select “Edit” in the upper right corner of the screen. A confirmation message for editing will appear, and then you can proceed to edit the scoresheet.

Once the flight is completed, click on this button to proceed to the next flight.

In the event of a small award category assigned to a single panel, after reaching a consensus, the head judge will have the option to directly set the award positions (mini B.O.S.).

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