Judge Dashboard

On your dashboard, you can view the list of all the entries to be judged by that panel (if the administrator chooses to enable this option). You can judge by clicking directly on an entry from the list.

As the competition progresses, your judge’s dashboard displays various statistics:

  • It shows the number of entries you've evaluated along with corresponding averages of time and words entered per scoresheet (labeled as “A” in the image). Additionally, it compares these statistics with the total number of beers evaluated in the competition and the global averages (labeled as “B” in the image).
  • You can view the list of entries you've judged, along with your own scores and those of the consensus, and the award category(ies) being judged (labeled as “C” in the image).
  • The composition of the judging panel and the award categories assigned to that panel are also visible to all judges (labeled as “D” in the image).

In the image above, we can see the perspective of the second judge, Milena Stella Alves. Since the head judge is the only one with access to the Mini B.O.S. menu, there is no “Mini B.O.S.” option available to Milena Stella Alves. For a comparison, refer to the screens of the head judge and the second judge below.

It's important to note that you can edit entries already judged as long as you're still in the same judging session. To do this, simply click on the entry that you need to edit.

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