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Accessing the website and clicking on "Sign in" allows you to log in and gives you access to judge in a competition. Alternatively, the platform can also be accessed directly via, or by clicking on the link provided in the email that judges receive when they are registered for the competition by the organizer.

To access the app, you'll need to either create a new user account or log in with an existing one. If you're logging in with an existing account, you can do so by entering your email and password, or by signing in with a Google account linked to an existing user profile.

If you're accessing the app with a new user account, simply click on the “Sign up” option. You'll then need to provide your email, name, and create a password.

After logging in, you'll see the screen displaying the competitions in which you've been confirmed as an administrator, entries receptionist, cellar master (refer to the corresponding tutorials), or as a judge.

It's important to note that once logged in, you can access your user profile by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. From there, you can edit your profile details, change your password, or log out:

Within your profile, you can edit various details such as your name, preferred language, city/state/country of origin, telephone number, and links to your Facebook and Instagram profiles. Additionally, you can provide a Beer Bio about yourself. Once you've made your changes, don't forget to click on "Save Profile" to save your updates.

To access the main menu for a specific competition where you'll be serving as a judge, simply select the desired competition. For example, if you're participating in Copa Bonaerense de Cervezas, choose that competition from the list, and you'll be directed to the judge's main menu for Copa Bonaerense de Cervezas.

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