Billing Report

Entering this menu, you can access the summary of all transactions and the amount in dollars that has to be paid to BAP according to the number of registrations in your competition (menu not available in the free version).

You will then access this screen:

If the registrations were paid in another currency, the system utilizes the exchange rate of the day from the website For example, if the registrations were paid in Mexican Pesos, clicking on the order line displays the original price, the entries within that order, the calculated entry price, the exchange rate, the fee, the fee per entry and the total fee.

If you click on “Pay”, the payment can be made by credit card. You will need to enter your data every time; we do not keep records of cards used in previous transactions. It should be noted that the results of the competition will not be sent to participants until the organizers have paid this debt. The Beer Awards Platform uses Stripe ( as the payment gateway, ensuring the security of credit card data through this globally reputable company.

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