Cellar View

Entering the “Cellar View” option allows you to see the judging status of each award category. This feature is useful for knowing which categories have been judged, which ones are currently in the judging process, and which ones are yet to be judged. You can access this feature here:

If the check-in process has been completed, you will see a screen similar to the following:

If the judging session is in progress, with some entries already assigned to a panel and others already judged, the organization of award categories will be similar to the following:

The left column (“Being judged”) displays the categories that are presently undergoing judging, with at least one entry allocated to a panel. The pint icon represents the number of entries already assigned to a panel; the bottle signifies the number of entries yet to be allocated to panels, and the gray icon with a check mark denotes the entries that have already been judged.

The central column exhibits the categories that currently have no entries assigned to a panel. Meanwhile, the right column showcases the categories where all entries have been judged.

By clicking on any category under judging, you can observe the status of the entries based on the previously explained icons. However, if you click on a category that has yet to be judged, it will only provide detailed information regarding the style details and vital statistics of the entries.

The cellar view can display all the entries without any filters (“Cellar View – All”; this is the default option); all the beers that qualified after the First Round or a Mid Round when the competition is run in different rounds (“Cellar View – Advancing”); or they can be displayed by Tag (“Cellar View – By Tag”).

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