The “Check in” feature allows you to confirm the reception of entries. This is the path:

You will access this screen then:

The entry receptionist is also allowed to do the entrie’s check in, but his access is limited to the Check In and Sorting menus.

You can manually enter the entry code of the received entry, or scan the QR code directly from the label using a cell phone or a computer’s camera. Either way, you then access the following screen:

There are three options when receiving entries:

  • “Entry samples received in perfect condition”: The entries arrived in perfect conditions and without problems.
  • “Entry samples received with a minor problem”: The samples were received with some minor problem that does not affect their subsequent treatment and participation in the competition.
  • “Reject entry samples and report a problem”: Samples must be rejected because of a larger problem (for example, all bottles broken). If this option is selected, in the Administration => Entries menu the entry appears as having a “Check-in problem”, and it will not be checked in (so the entry will not be available for judging).

In the last two cases it is necessary to provide details of the problems detected. This information will then be sent by email to the brewer. An automatic email message will also be sent to the brewer when the first option is selected.

Examples of the last two cases are detailed below:

It is possible to add a photo (with your cellphone or with your computer’s camera) as evidence for the brewer, by clicking on “Add an Image”. That photo will be sent by email too. See the example below.

You can also create a Tag for identification in the warehouse logistics of the entry, or for whatever purposes the organizer sees fit.

For example, a new Tag could be created that references the location of the entry in the warehouse:

Or you can add an existing tag, either by typing and selecting or by scanning the Tag's QR code with a mobile phone:

When one finalizes this process, there are the following options:

  • “Cancel”: Cancels the operation.
  • “Check-in and sort”: Recognizes the reception of the entry and also assigns a judging code (sorting).
  • “Check in”: Recognizes the reception of the entry, but does not assign the judging code yet. It can be useful when there is a long interval between receiving entries and sorting.

In the case of selecting Check in and having chosen the relabeling of samples in Judging Options, it is necessary to do the sorting process explained below.

In case of selecting “Check-in and sort” you will be directed to this screen:

Here one of the judging codes generated in the “Generate and print judging labels” option is assigned, so that the Entry Label can be removed and the new Judging Label placed. The system does not allow assigning the same judging code to two different entries.

In the example below, the entry with entry code 2F6P5 now has judging code 76HK. Notes can be added in the “Notes” text box. Don't forget to click on “Sort” to save the assignment of the new Judging Label.

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