Generate and Print Judging Labels

You can generate and print judging labels. However, this step is not necessary if you have activated the option "Use the same entry label and number for judging" in Settings => Judging Options.

When clicking on this button, you will access the following screen:

New or existing labels can be printed.

For printing new labels ("New labels"), you must define the number of labels per entry ("Labels per entry") and the total number of entries ("Number of entries"). New labels are required when you decide to relabel your entries (this is done by disabling "Use the same entry label and number for judging" in Settings => Judging Options).

You can also select the option to group entries by style or by award category. Then, select the label model ("Label model") from preset options, and the batch is generated by clicking on "Generate batch". Once generated, it can be downloaded and printed:

A judging label will look like the following:

If you printed labels grouped by award category, the labels will look like this:

If you choose existing labels ("Existing labels"), you can print a selection of previously created labels using the method described in the previous step. You can filter by ID, panel & session, category, Tags, and/or whether it qualified for subsequent rounds. Additionally, you have the option to include the award category in the label. This is useful if you need additional codes to label cups of entries that advanced to other rounds, for example.

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