Entering the “Flights” section, you can create flights if you have chosen this option in Settings => Judging Options. This feature will allow you to group entries in flights before the start of the competition. It is also possible to create flights at the time of sending entries to the panel (this is done in Judging => Check Out).

When you click “Flights”, this screen is then accessed:

You first select the award category for which you want to create flights:

Then, the samples that will make up the first flight are dragged into a line, as follows:

Once the first one is formed, the same procedure can be repeated for the second flight:

Once the organization of the flights in that category is completed, click on “Save” and they are going to be saved. This tool will give you more control in your flights’ management, as it will allow you to know beforehand the amount of flights per award category.

Another option is to click directly on “Generate Flights”, and the system will automatically create the flights respecting a homogeneous distribution in terms of number of entries and considering IBU and ABV as parameters. You can also choose whether this option is only valid for the selected category or for all of them, and you can define the maximum flight size. Notice that the flights can be edited or even undone (after being created) if the organization considers a change necessary.

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