Award Categories

By accessing the "Award Categories" option, you can configure the award categories for the competition. These categories are groups of styles based on the organizer's criteria, and the panels will judge entries within these categories and award winners in the Mini B.O.S.

You will be directed to this screen:

By clicking on the “New category” option, you can create different award categories for a competition. For example, you can create the category “American Ales”. Then, all the substyles that fit into that category can be added (you can even import an entire category from the selected style guidelines by clicking on the three vertical dots). Initially, the styles from the selected guide will be displayed in the right column.

Once completed, a page similar to this screenshot will be displayed:

The numbers inside a circle next to each style indicate the number of entries registered in the competition for that particular style. They turn blue if they are different from zero.

You could also click on the autogenerate icon

, and the system will create an award category for each individual style, deleting all previous existent award categories.

It is necessary to assign all the styles that have beers entered in the competition to an award category. Otherwise, it will not be possible to Check Out the unassigned entries. However, it is not necessary to assign all the styles from the selected style guideline, as BAP provides the option to hide the styles with no entries registered. To do this, you must activate the following option:

Remember that by clicking on the trash can icon

, all the created award categories will be undone.

Do not forget to click on “Save” to update the changes after setting the award categories. If you wish, you can print the category labels by clicking on this icon:

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