Accessing the “Payments” option, allows you to configure invoicing and payment methods for the competition.

The following screen will be displayed:

By activating the “Enable invoice to participants” option, you can generate invoices for entrants. After entering the issuer's name / address and the country, and then saving, you'll be able to create and download invoices for participants who require them (the download of these invoices is accessible through the "Orders" menu).

You can also set the tax percentage by configuring it in the following field and then clicking on "Save".

The brewer's payment will include the registration fee along with the corresponding taxes. The following image is from the brewer’s perspective.

BAP offers eight different payment methods.

"Bank Deposit" is selected when the organizer prefers participants to pay for their registration via money transfer or in cash. The organizer can provide instructions regarding the corresponding bank account information or specify how the payment should be made if participants are not using one of the available payment gateways. This payment method can be enabled for various selected currencies. Selecting this option means that registration payments will be managed manually outside of BAP:

There are several electronic payment gateways available for organizers to use for registration payments (such as Stripe, PayPal, Mercado Pago, etc.). These payment methods can be enabled for various currencies. It's important to note that some gateways may have restrictions or be region-locked. Users must have an account created with the gateway to utilize the service..

In general, all gateways follow a similar process, requiring users to provide a Publishable Key and a Secret Key. At the bottom of each gateway icon displayed on this page, there is a link that directs the organizer to the external page of the gateway. There, you will find instructions on how to obtain these keys. It's important to note that these instructions are specific to each company and are unrelated to BAP.

Below is an example from Stripe:


Mercado Pago:

Once you have finished configuring the payment methods, click "Save". Please note that payments are processed directly to the user's gateway account. BAP does not retain any funds during the transaction.

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