Can I generate the BJCP® competition report through BAP once the competition is finished?

Yes, you can.

You should access Administration => Import/Export data, and then click on "BJCP® Competition Organizer Report (XML)" .

You'll need to complete the following form (which is based on the BJCP® competition reports). Instructions on how to fill it out can be found at the following link:

  1. Competition Registration Number: The ID provided by the BJCP when you register your competition. This information will not be automatically completed by BAP.
  2. Name: The name of your competition.
  3. Date: The judging date.
  4. Entries: Number of entries that have been judged.
  5. Days: Judging days.
  6. Judging sessions: Uninterrupted time periods when at least one panel of judges sits to judge one or more flights of entries.
  7. BOS entries: Number of entries that reached the Best Of Show.
  8. BJCP® Points: These are the allowable points calculated through the BJCP® algorithm that you can assign to your team (judges, stewards and other staff members). Pay attention to the staff and BOS points; BAP will inform you how many remaining points you have after starting the points' distribution.

Below you can see the form the app uses for the distribution of points mentioned in item 8.

A) BJCP ID: If the judge has his ID recorded in BAP it will be displayed automatically. If not, you can complete it manually.

B) Name: The name of the judge, as it was registered in their profile in BAP.

C) Roles: The roles for the assignment of points. According to BJCP® rules, it can be: Judge, Judge + BOS, BOS Judge, Steward, Organizer, Staff, Staff + Judge, Staff + BOS, Staff + Judge + BOS, Staff + Steward. You should choose a role for each member of your team.

D) Points: Points can be for judging or for other tasks (for example, with a member who had 2.5 points for judging and 0.5 points for being a member of staff, you should complete 2.5 points in the first field and 0.5 points in the second field).

E) Add: Here you can add more members of your team. And with the trash can icon you can delete an existing member.

F) Reset / Save: "Reset" restores the form to the original set up. "Save" keeps your changes.

G) Export now: Clicking on "Export now", the report is exported in XML format.

Clicking on "Export now", the report is exported in XML format. The XML file (in this example, CompetitionReport-654321.XML) can be opened with Excel, WordPad, Web browsers, XML Explorer and many more apps. This file can be sent through email to the BJCP® for the awarding of experience points. Beware that the presentation of this report is not automatically done, as BAP has no direct connection to the BJCP® database.

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