Receiving Samples

In this article you will find the steps and tasks you need to receive samples using BAP.


  • Entries and Orders
  • Sample Check-in
  • Quick Access to Entry Details

Entries and Orders

  • Once your COMPETITION WEBSITE is published, your event will be able to start receiving participants´ subscriptions
  • Each subscription will generate an order request.
  • An order request can have multiple entries.
  • When the order request is paid, all the entries associated with it will go directly to the system.


  • You can follow the participants orders status on ORDERS.



  • When an order is paid, the entries attached to it will appear on ENTRIES.



Here you can add, edit and check the details of any entry received.


Sample Check-in

  • When the Drop-off / mail in dates arrive, participants will start sending the samples.

  • Each sample will come with a label containing a QR code. Once you receive the bottles or cans of samples, you can make the CHECK-IN


  • Go to JUDGING, enter CHECK-IN


  • Click or tap the QR code icon.


  • A scan window will appear. The program will ask permission to access your device´s camera. Accept it.

  • Position the code in the middle of the red square and wait. The code will be automatically scanned.


  • Once the scan is finished you will be redirected to ENTRY CHECK-IN.


  • Select the sample´s condition:

    • Entry samples received in perfect condition.
    • Entry samples received with a minor problem.
    • Reject entry samples and report a problem.
  • You can add tags to your sample.

  • Click CHECK-IN.

It´s done!

Now, if you return to the ENTRIES page you will notice that the sample status changed to checked-in.

Quick access to entry details:

  • If you have to check on a particular sample registration details, you can make a quick search by scanning the code.

  • You can also type or copy-paste the alphanumeric code that appears with the QR code

    • In the desktop you will find the the SEARCH ENTRY in the topbar at the right of your page.


    • On mobile, you will find it inside the menu.